When I’m Sixty-Four: The #5and5 Best & Worst Moments From Parliament.

Let’s get straight into it. Here’s the #5and5.


1. It’s not every week you save the pension.




2. Bill showed that Labor stands for a united and cohesive Australia that embraces respect and rejects racism, hatred and bigotry.



3. Labor MPs backed Bill all the way.


4. The Country Caucus hammered the Government for neglecting rural and regional Australia, leaving the National Party as nothing more than Libs in hats.



5. Talk about getting a message out! Thanks to you, through Facebook & Twitter this reached nearly 1,000,000 people.






1. How can we have meaningful action on climate change if Tony Abbott won’t even show up?






2. At the UN the Australian Government co-sponsored a resolution calling on countries to send people to help with the Ebola Crisis, only to then refuse to support Australians who want to offer their expertise.





3. For a period of about four hours on Thursday afternoon it looked like Australia was going to have segregation in the public galleries in Parliament House.





4. “Look there’s your dole, go home, eat Cheezels, get on the Xbox.” That’s how Liberal MP Ewan Jones defended the Government’s decision to leave people under 30 with nothing to live on for six months.





5. On Monday Bronwyn Bishop suspended her 200th Labor member of Parliament.




Also, Albo and I spent much of the week attacking each other’s offices with rival Bulldogs and Rabbitohs paraphernalia. Two great teams sure to make Sunday a great day for sport. (Go the Bulldogs.)





I don’t normally include links to my own speeches but this one meant a lot to me.




Learn more about the Racism. Hatred. Bigotry. Not In My Name campaign here.

#5and5 Song of the Week is dedicated to Kevin Andrews’ attempt to change the chorus to When I’m Seventy.