Scott Morrison today called on Labor to pass the cruellest parts left over from Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey’s 2014 Budget.

Labor will not support the failed ideological policies which are being continued by Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison. Policies such as:

  • Cuts to family payments;
  • Cuts to paid parental leave;
  • $100,000 degrees;
  • Cuts to the guarantee for employee entitlements;
  • Cuts to Medicare;
  • Cutting to the pensions of 190,000 elderly migrants who want to visit family overseas; and
  • Increasing the pension age to 70.

When it comes to the 2016-17 Budget, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are reading from Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey’s script.

Mr Turnbull and Mr Morrison don’t disagree with Tony Abbott’s disastrous 2014 Budget, they just think they can sell it better.

Let’s be clear, every time Scott Morrison says we have to “live within our means”, he’s saying he wants to protect tax loopholes for high-income earners and multinational corporations and instead attack the household budgets of Australian families.

Every time Scott Morrison says Australia has a “spending problem, not a revenue problem”, he’s using the same old rhetoric Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey used to justify their disastrous 2014 Budget, which was soundly rejected by economists and the Australian people.

Every time Scott Morrison talks about lower taxes, he’s only talking about lower taxes for companies, not Australian families.

It’s clear we have a Prime Minister and a Treasurer driven be ideology and politics instead of what’s best for Australia.

In contrast, Labor has announced more than $100 billion worth of improvements to the Budget bottom-line to help fund our policies and improve the budget position over the medium term. Policies such as:

  • Scrapping Tony Abbott’s Emissions Reduction Fund;
  • Not proceeding with a marriage plebiscite;
  • Not proceeding with the Baby Bonus;
  • Tackling multinational profit shifting and tax avoidance;
  • Reining in high income superannuation tax concessions;
  • Changing negative gearing and capital gains tax; and
  • Increase the tobacco excise to reduce the cost of smoking on the economy.

Labor’s policies are independently costed and fully funded.