Malcolm Turnbull's stunt to fly 150 MPs to Canberra and send them home the next day is a recipe for fiscal recklessness on a grand scale.

The Australian Financial Review is today reporting Malcolm Turnbull is planning an unprecedented move to recall the House of Representatives for just two days during the week starting Monday, 18 April.

If nearly 150 MPs are flying to Canberra, it should be a normal parliamentary sitting week with Question Time every day beginning Monday. 

Anything less is a pure indulgence on the part of the Prime Minister and would be treating taxpayers as mugs.

Since Parliament last sat, Malcolm Turnbull has raised a plan for double taxation, said he would stop funding Government schools but keep funding private schools, and one of his ‘inner circle’ has been embroiled in a donation scandal. 

Malcolm Turnbull has questions to answer and he cannot hide from his failures.

Not only is Malcolm Turnbull trying to hide from accountability, he's only willing to put up an anonymous source to confirm he’s trying to hide from accountability. 

Malcolm Turnbull needs to come clean with the Australian people about his plans for the Parliament. We cannot have a situation where Malcolm Turnbull is recalling the entire Parliament for a political stunt but avoiding scrutiny of his actions.