The Abbott Government’s own repeal day documents reveal the impact of its Petrol Tax ambush will be even wider, with every petrol station to be slugged an average $800 a year in new compliance costs to collect the tax for Tony Abbott.



According to its own documents, the Abbott Government will hit the nation’s 6,300 petrol stations with compliance costs of $5.1 million –– for the privilege of collecting Tony Abbott’s new Petrol Tax.

There is little doubt that this increased compliance cost will be passed onto motorists when they fill up at the bowser – meaning they will be hit twice by Tony Abbott’s new Petrol Tax.

Tony Abbott promised no new taxes – now motorists will be hit with his Petrol Tax and a petrol station tax.

This is a Prime Minister addicted to taxing Australians – and addicted to lying to them.

Page five of the Government’s own October 2014 Red Tape Repeal document shows: