The Liberal Government’s planned cuts to family payments will see more than 15,800 families in our local area have payments reduced and up to 5,000 families get less support for childcare.

Before the election the Liberal’s said they wanted to help Australian families with the costs of raising children. Yet in their first Budget they’ve slashed $5.5 billion from family payments and more than $1 billion from childcare.

They’ve have also done a deal with Clive Palmer to scrap the Schoolkids Bonus, meaning more than 10,000 families in our local area will lose $410 for every eligible primary school aged child and $820 for every secondary school aged child. 

It’s time this out-of-touch Liberal Government gave families in our local area a fair go. These cuts impact on cost of living for families, which in turn affects local businesses and local jobs.

On coming to Government the Liberal’s doubled the deficit, adding $68 billion to justify their unfair cuts. It’s time this Government realised their unfair Budget is doing more harm than good and started again.

If the Liberals are serious about supporting families and boosting the economy they should drop these unfair cuts.

Families in our local area can visit www.givefamiliesafairgo.org to call on the Liberal Government to drop their cuts.