Malcolm Turnbull is charging taxpayers to fly around 150 MPs and their staff to Canberra next week for a stunt.

That’s what the Draft Legislation Program for the House of Representatives released today shows.

Malcolm Turnbull has decided trying to pass Tony Abbott’s workplace relations laws is the most important issue facing Australia right now.

Malcolm Turnbull has decided abolishing an independent tribunal whose job it is to make our roads safer is just as important.

This is where Malcolm Turnbull’s priorities lie.

If this is the basis on which Malcolm Turnbull will call a double dissolution election, people have to wonder why he ever got rid of Tony Abbott.

Not only is Malcolm Turnbull hitting taxpayers with the cost of his stunt sitting of Parliament, he’s running away from scrutiny.

By not holding Question Time each and every day the Senate is sitting when Parliament returns, Malcolm Turnbull is evading 100 questions.

The actions of Malcolm Turnbull this week are a disgrace and an insult to the Australian people.

We have a part-time Prime Minister who’s going to turn up in Canberra, perform a stunt and then run away.

It’s no wonder Australians are so bitterly disappointed with Malcolm Turnbull, he lies to them and then refuses to front up to scrutiny.