The Abbott Government has delivered a Budget full of broken promises and cruel cuts that will hurt pensioners and families already struggling to make ends meet.

Federal Labor Member for Watson, Tony Burke said people had a right to feel betrayed by a Budget that unfairly targets low and middle income families and the elderly.

"This is the most vicious budget ever inflicted on our part of Sydney,” Mr Burke said.

“The day before the election Tony Abbott said - no cuts to health, no cuts to education, no changes to pensions, no cuts to the ABC or SBS. Now, that's been smashed to pieces.

“We’re now in a situation where those who can least afford it will have to pay for Tony Abbott's broken promises.”

Mr Burke said $80 billion of funding will be cut from local schools and hospitals despite a promise of no cuts to health or education before the election.

“97.8 per cent of GP services in our area are bulk-billed,” he said.

Tony Abbott’s Budget means families will now pay $7 every time they see a doctor and a co-payment every time you need a blood test, an ultra sound or an X-ray.

Nearly 25,000 local pensioners will also be unfairly targeted with Tony Abbott announcing a cut in the pension rate and a rise in the pension age to 70.

“There's a tax every time you go to the doctor, there's a tax increase every time you fill up your car and after Labor had spent years increasing pensions, the budget papers see real cuts to pensions. Our local schools and hospitals have also had funding cut.

“These are savage cuts from a Government that clearly doesn't care about local families already struggling with the cost of living and pensioners who will be made to pay for Tony Abbott’s mixed priorities.” Mr Burke said.