The Prime Minister has misled the House of Representatives and the Australian people, failed to correct the record and breached his own ministerial standards.

Yesterday in Question Time, the Prime Minister said:

“Increasing capital gains tax is no part of our thinking whatsoever.”


Just hours later it was reported the Prime Minister’s own office had told journalists changes to Capital Gains Tax were being considered.

Reports overnight reveal the Government has been considering a plan to halve the current 33 per cent Capital Gains Tax discount for super funds.

And today leaked Coalition talking points from the Prime Minister’s own office say the Government is still “carefully considering some other changes.”

It is clear the Prime Minister misled the Australian Parliament and the Australian people.

The Prime Minister’s own Statement of Ministerial Standards says:

“5.1. Ministers are expected to be honest in the conduct of public office and take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not mislead the public or the Parliament. It is a Minister's personal responsibility to ensure that any error or misconception in relation to such a matter is corrected or clarified, as soon as practicable and in a manner appropriate to the issues and interests involved.”

By not fronting up to the House of Representatives today and correcting the record as soon as is practicable the Prime Minister has breached his own standards.

This is yet another example of the Prime Minister saying one thing and doing another, and of believing the rules apply to everyone but him.