Changes to Tony Abbott’s unfair GP tax won’t help many local families who will still be forced to pay $5 every time they visit the doctor.

Member for Watson Tony Burke said the new arrangement undermines universal healthcare and would see a more Americanised healthcare system.

“People should be able to visit a doctor when they’re sick, not when they can afford it,” Mr Burke said.

“Our part of Sydney has one of the highest bulk billing rates in Australia, so it’s people living in our local area who will be hit the hardest. 

“This is still a tax on going to the doctor and it’s still a broken promise.”

Under the announced changes the Government is slashing the Medicare rebate to doctors, forcing them to pass the cost on to consumers.

“Doctors will be paid less by the Government forcing them to pass the cost on to consumers, it’s a GP Tax through the backdoor,” Mr Burke said.

Before the election Tony Abbott said:


“I am absolutely determined not to increase the overall tax burden on anyone.”

Tony Abbott – Thursday, 15 August 2013


After the election he’s snuck a Fuel Tax past the Parliament and now he’s trying to do the same with his unfair tax on going to the doctor.

Tony Abbott is determined to destroy Medicare and make healthcare unaffordable in Australia.

“Labor has fought Tony Abbott’s GP Tax every step of the way, and we will keep fighting.”

“Labor believes every Australian should get the healthcare they need, not the healthcare they can afford.”