After weeks of chaos and dysfunction from the Abbott Government and a promise on Monday that “Good government starts today,”  families in Watson are still no better off.

Mr Abbott made the promise to Australians on Monday but on Tuesday refused to scrap any of the Budget measures directly affecting families in our local area.

  • The new GP Tax
  • An increased Petrol Tax
  • $100,000 University Degrees
  • Cuts to pensions and family support
  • $80 billion cut to schools and hospitals

The Abbott Government still doesn’t understand it doesn’t matter who leads the Liberal Party, it’s what they stand for that’s the problem.

On every occasion with this Budget Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey have favoured people who need help the least and hurt people who can least afford it.

The fact that the Liberal Party is in complete denial about this and thinks it’s about personalities is unbelievable.

Whether it’s families in Campsie, pensioners in Roselands or students in Belmore, the Government’s unfair Budget is increasing the cost of living.

Labor is focused on policies that will support living standards, support jobs and help families with the cost of living.

Labor believes in a strong and growing economy that delivers for all Australians and doesn’t leave people behind.