Malcolm Turnbull today gave permission for NBN Co Chairman, Dr Ziggy Switkowski, to ignore decades of precedent on caretaker conventions.

Mr Turnbull today failed to condemn Dr Switkowski for ignoring caretaker conventions, effectively saying the rules don’t matter. The arrogance is breathtaking.

The head of the Prime Minister's own department, Dr Martin Parkinson, made clear in a letter to me this week that Dr Switkowski knowingly ignored the caretaker conventions.

Mr Turnbull today not only refused to condemn this action, but supported Dr Switkowski’s decision to ignore advice from the Prime Minister's own department.

The Prime Minister has effectively given permission under this Liberal Government for agency heads to ignore caretaker conventions in the future.

There is good reason why Mr Turnbull's mismanagement of the NBN is a live issue during this campaign.

The voices that should be heard are those of businesses and households that have put up with long delays and second rate internet due to Malcolm Turnbull's mismanagement of the NBN – not a highly remunerated Chairman appointed by Mr Turnbull who Mr Turnbull thinks is above the rules.

Through his comments Dr Switkowski ignored the caretaker conventions with his eyes wide open. There are countries in the world where public officials intervene in elections, Australia should not become one of them.