Hands off our Medicare


Just after Christmas, it was revealed that the Abbott Government wants to put a tax on GP and hospital visits.

For nearly 30 years, Medicare has been making healthcare affordable and accessible for Australians. This is now under threat from Mr Abbott and his Government.

The health of our communities is of utmost importance, not only for the economy and for productivity; but of course no more importantly for long, happy lives.

After slugging Australians with the biggest increase to private health insurance premiums in over a decade, the Abbott Government seems set to introduce an up-front fee for visiting the doctor. In addition, the Government may look to allow private health insurers to cover fee. This puts affordable care even further out of reach for a large number of Australian families.

It is worrying to think what this will mean for the health of future generations, GP and what this will mean for our community at large.

Labor is very proud to be the party of Medicare – it was Labor who raised bulk-billing rates to their highest rates ever, and it is Labor who will continue to fight for Australia’s universal healthcare system.

I believe that all Australians deserve the healthcare they need, not just the care they can afford.

Please join me in telling the Abbott Government to keep their hands off our Medicare by signing the online petition here.

Medicare is worth protecting. We can be proud of what has been achieved, particularly for those who need it most, and I believe is worth fighting for.