Tony Abbott’s GP tax on health services introduced in his Budget of broken promises will hurt the people who can least afford it, the most.

Labor Member for Watson, Tony Burke today visited Campsie Medical Imaging to discuss the effect the tax will have on our community.

The Abbott Government will introduce a tax every time you need an ultrasound, an x-ray, a CT or a MRI scan.

Mr Burke said lower and middle income families will be among the hardest hit by Tony Abbott’s attack on Medicare and healthcare services. 

“This is a vicious budget for our community. Today I have met with local doctors who see patients in our community every day,” Mr. Burke said.

“I want people to be able to afford appropriate health services and people’s health is at risk in the long run.

“Going to the doctor for a cold or flu is one thing but for more serious issues like getting a diagnosis on cancer, diabetes or heart disease, where multiple tests and services might be needed, the only concern should be am I sick not can I afford to get checked. The truth is people don’t know how serious their condition is until they see their GP.”

“For some in our community Tony Abbott’s new taxes will mean choosing whether to present early for a condition or not, which ultimately makes a massive difference to your health,” said Mr Burke.

Dr Pradnya Dugal a Radiologist from Campsie Medical Imaging said co-payments for multiple services will add up quickly.

“We are very aware of the everyday financial struggles facing families, as we see up to 1000 patients every day throughout our clinics in Western Sydney. Many patients require multiple services and tests, which will result in high co-payments, or they will choose to forfeit their medical care.”