Joint Media Release with the Shadow Minister for Families and Payments and the Shadow Minister for Disability Reform, Jenny Macklin.

The Turnbull Government must explain what it has done with funding that was specifically legislated to pay for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Government's repeated lying about funding for the NDIS is a desperate attempt to mask the fact that they have effectively pocketed funds from Budget measures that were legislated to help fund the full scheme .

Labor's 2013 Budget set out a 10-year funding plan for the NDIS. This included an increase in the Medicare levy, but also several other savings and revenue measures.


[DisabilityCare Australia document, 2013-14 Budget, page 4]

The Treasury confirmed the NDIS was fully funded in Budget estimates in 2013. The Treasury Secretary at the time was Martin Parkinson.

Not only did the Liberals vote for almost all of these Budget measures – some of them even passed the Parliament after the election, when the Liberals were in Government.

To now claim that these measures weren’t dedicated to funding the NDIS amounts to an effective theft of funds that were intended for people with disability.  

The Government repeatedly lies about a funding shortfall because it wants any excuse to further cut support for vulnerable Australians in the upcoming Budget.

The Government must explain whether any of the money dedicated to funding the NDIS has instead been used to fund wasteful Government programs such as Tony Abbott’s Emissions Reduction Fund or Malcolm Turnbull’s new Baby Bonus.

Australians will not accept more cruel cuts from this Government under the guise of funding the NDIS. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is already funded.

The NDIS is transforming the lives of thousands of Australians with disability. This is the biggest social reform since Medicare and it is being delivered on time and within the budget.

It is unforgiveable for the Turnbull Government to keep trying to mislead and frighten Australians about the future of the scheme.

The Turnbull Government can’t be trusted with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.