Government launches “The People of Australia”

The Government’s new national multicultural policy will strengthen social cohesion and harness the benefits of Australia’s unique diversity the member for Watson, Tony Burke said.

The People of Australia is a policy for all Australians and embraces four principles, including celebrating and valuing diversity; maintaining social cohesion; communicating the benefits of Australia’s diversity; and responding to intolerance and discrimination.

“The Gillard Government is committed to Australia’s brand of multiculturalism and to supporting policies and programs that strengthen social cohesion and promote participation and inclusion,” Tony Burke said.

“Multiculturalism in Australia is about building a shared sense of nationhood forged through mutual respect, common values and a commitment to fairness.”

The Government’s new multicultural strategy, The People of Australia, includes:

  • A new independent advisory body with broader terms of reference to advise the Government;
  • A national partnership to develop and implement a comprehensive anti-racism strategy for Australia;
  • A strengthened access and equity strategy for government;
  • A new Multicultural Youth Sports Partnership Program aimed at young people from diverse backgrounds; and
  • New Multicultural Arts and Festivals Funding, recognising the role of festivals and the arts in promoting diversity, social cohesion and mutual understanding.

“The Government’s new multicultural policy outlines a whole-of-government approach to maintaining a socially cohesive and harmonious society.

“It is a expression of support for Australia’s brand of multiculturalism and an endorsement of the recommendations from the advisory council, chaired by Andrew Demetrious, delivered last year.”

“The new policy will help to ensure Australian Government services respond to the needs of our Australian community,” Tony Burke said.

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