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#5and5 Budget Week

The Government’s plan was clear. The Budget was intended to reset the entire political debate. Like the final scene in a Men In Black movie the entire Australian population was meant to erase every memory Australians had since the 2014 Budget.

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#5and5 Week Ending March 31

The #5and5 week ending March 23

The #5and5 Week Ending 3 March 2017

This was an extraordinary week.

Not because the Government made a procedural mistake, not because of some surprise strategy, it was extraordinary because we focused on nothing but you.

No politics, no strategies. Just you.

It was so tempting to ask questions about other issues this week.

We had Tony Abbott going after Malcolm Turnbull in the media, George Christensen resigning as the Nationals Whip (which I wish he’d done before that photo with the whip was ever taken - still trying to erase that memory), and we had leadership speculation about Peter Dutton. Sorry that wasn’t a typo - we had leadership speculation about Peter Dutton.

But we spent the whole week talking about you and the people you want us to stand up for.

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#5and5 Week Ending 16 February 2017

Early in the week there were some moments of unity and hope. By the end of the week Malcolm Turnbull was shouting and ranting and making excuses for One Nation. The Parliament is a pretty angry, awful place at the moment, but as always there’s a lot that happened that doesn’t always make it through in the media.

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The #5and5 week ending February 9

Until this week you could say that Malcolm Turnbull may have adopted all of Tony Abbott’s policies, but at least he had made the policy debate less angry and over the top. Can’t say that now. This was the week Malcolm Turnbull finally went full Abbott. The transformation is complete.


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The #5and5 - Last Week of Parliament 2016

Triple J opened their Monday morning news with “The final week of Parliament and rare monkeys found.” This was always going to be quite a week. It was meant to be Malcolm Turnbull’s week of triumph - well, not so much.


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The 5and5 - Week ending 25 November 2016

It’s getting pretty tense in Canberra as we approach the end of the year. The sharks are circling around Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, the government is desperate to not look chaotic, and Scott Morrison is angry. Admittedly that last bit is true every week.


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The 5and5 - Week ending 11 November 2016


There’s nothing that could have happened in the Parliament to turn this week into a good week. The same shockwaves that reverberated around the world were felt here at Parliament. No matter what the future holds we need to ensure that the values we hold for Australia remain firm.

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The 5and5 - Week ending 21st October 2016


This week marked the final sitting week for October and what a wild week it was. Manager of opposition business Tony Burke explains what happened.

This was the week the guns for votes scandal broke. Let’s get straight into it. Here’s the #5and5.

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The 5and5 - Week ending 15 October 2016


Another sitting week, another week of political excitement! 

So Parliament has now sat for 11 days. In the first 7 days, the Government became the first majority Government in over 50 years to lose control of the House of Representatives, the Treasurer submitted legislation containing a $107 million black hole, and the Senate found itself with no legislation to debate. I was concerned on Sunday as I drove to Canberra we might have already peaked and this week might end up seeming a bit dull. Then this week happened.

By Wednesday night I started putting together a #5and10. The Government had a really bad week. But for the sake of consistency, here’s the #5and5.

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The 5and5 - Week ending 16 September 2016


Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke takes us through the highs and lows of this parliamentary week.

Imagine a nation where George Christensen and Eric Abetz can dictate policy to the Prime Minister and Treasurer. Welcome to Turnbull’s Australia. Here’s the #5and5

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The 5and5 - Week ending 2 September 2016


This week was the first time parliament has met since the last election and it certainly wasn’t a boring week! Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke explains what happened.

No government has had a worse first week in Parliament. Ever.

No Opposition has had a stronger first week in Parliament. Ever.

So welcome back to the #5and5.

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The 5and5 - Week ending 6 May 2016


Remember a few weeks ago when Malcolm Turnbull announced what was meant to be his brilliant cunning plan to bring back Parliament for two weeks, bring the budget forward a week and then move into the longest campaign in living memory? It’s not unfolding precisely the way he hoped. The expressions on the faces of his backbench this week showed they were all thinking the same thing: Winter is Coming.

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