Commemorating the Centenary of ANZAC

$125,000 has been made available for local community projects to help commemorate the most historically important periods in Australian History, the Anzac Centenary.

The ANZAC Centenary Local Grants Program was first announced by the former Government to provide and assist communities to undertake their own Anzac Centenary projects that commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women in the First World War.

“This is an opportunity for our local community to deliver for a unique situation. More than 1900 men from the Canterbury district volunteered to fight in the First World War.

“As a result some of the first war commissioned homes in Australia were built in Belfield for returning servicemen.”

“This funding will allow our community to decide the best way to honour their sacrifice. It will also help ensure that the ANZAC Legacy continues to be handed down to younger generations”. Said Mr Burke.

Mr Tony Stewart, former Member for Bankstown will chair the Watson ANZAC Centenary Committee.

Tony Stewart was the Premier’s Representative of the ANZAC Memorial Trust for seven years.

The committee is set to have its first meeting in December.

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