Coalition cuts to hit local projects


The Government has not confirmed whether funding to Canterbury Council under the National Crime Prevention Fund will be honoured. The funding was to be used for the installation of CCTV Cameras and other measures.

“The Liberal’s ran the biggest local political campaign they’ve ever run at the last Federal Election. Never once did they tell us they were planning on downgrading security funding for Campsie. Never once before the election did the Liberal Party tell us that they didn’t believe that crime was an issue in our part of Sydney. It’s hard to imagine a Government being more out of touch than this.”

Similarly, local organisations have been informed that thousands of dollars in funding that had already been allocated has been taken back because of the Abbott Government’s cuts to the Building Multicultural Communities Program.

These grants were awarded under proper procedures and were fully funded in the 2013-14 Budget. All successful recipients were notified of their successful application for funding and were expecting that funding to be released.

“These are organisations that empower communities. This is about supporting multicultural suburbs and organisations that are the backbone of our local area.” Mr Burke said.