The Abbott Government is taxing Australians at higher levels than any time since the Howard Government.

Before the last election, Tony Abbott said there would be no new taxes and that they would lower the tax burden.

Those promises were well and truly broken at the first Budget and the broken again in the second Budget.

In this Budget, the Abbott Government has taxation receipts rising each and every year over the Budget forward estimates.

The Finance Minister today was asked by Senator Wong during Senate Question Time, how many new taxes and charges there were in this year’s Budget and replied: “None”.

For the information of the Finance Minister, the Treasurer’s second Budget includes at least $3.9 billion in new taxes, tax rises and charges.

They include:

  • The $350 million Netflix tax;
  • Stripping salary sacrificed FBT concessions that apply to certain NGO employees;
  • Higher income taxes on backpackers;
  • New superannuation levy charges;
  • $735 million in new taxes on foreign investment;
  • Removing Zone Tax Offset for ‘fly-in fly-out’ workers;
  • $108 million in new licensing and important processing charges;
  • Increases in agricultural production levies, including a new chicken tax, a new honey tax and a new banana tax;
  • New Citizenship and passport charges

No amount of referring to new taxes and charges as ‘modernisation’ or ‘integrity’ measures stops the fact that they are revenue measures which prop up the Government’s ailing budget bottom line.

And no amount of Orwellian denials from the Finance Minister, Prime Minister and others, stops the fact that this Government is the highest taxing Government since the Howard Government with billions of dollars of new tax and revenue measures in this Budget, just like the first Budget.