Budget 2013 – Stronger, Smarter and Fairer

Federal Labor Member for Watson, Tony Burke, said this year’s Budget keeps Australia’s economy strong, makes the smart investments for the future and ensures our local community gets a fair go.


“From the day I became the local member I’ve been determined to make sure that the most needy in our community never get left behind,” Mr Burke said.

“This Budget delivers on exactly that.

“It provides a 10 year investment in our local schools which provides an increase in funding for areas like ours.

“Finally, it delivers DisabilityCare, for which I have been campaigning for years. “Around 3,000 local people with a disability may be eligible for Labor’s DisabilityCare scheme, which gives people with significant disability and their carers the lifetime support they need.”

The 2013-14 Budget builds on the Governments investments in the infrastructure for the future while protecting and building on frontline services families rely on in health and education.

The 2013-14 Budget will:

• Deliver Our National Plan for School Improvement that will ensure our children have the high- skill, high-wage jobs of the future.

• Deliver funding for infrastructure for our local residents, with upgrades to the M4 and M5 Motorways. This project will provide improved connections to the Sydney CBD.

• Set in stone Labor’s DisabilityCare Australia scheme, which gives people with disability and their carers the lifetime support and care they need. Around 3077 local people with disability may be eligible for DisabilityCare Australia

Interest rates are now lower than at any time under the previous Government, with a family paying around $5500 less in mortgage repayments if they have a typical $300,000 mortgage.

“Unlike almost any other country, in Australia we have an enviable combination of solid growth, low unemployment and low interest rates because this is a Government that has got the big economic calls right,” Mr Burke said.

For more information on what the Budget delivers for our community visit www.tonyburke.com.au