Nearly 25,000 local pensioners are set to take a hit when Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey deliver their first budget in May.

Federal Labor Member for Watson Tony Burke said Mr Abbott must come clean about his plans to change the Age Pensions.

“Before the election Tony Abbott promised again and again he would not change pensions, he is betraying the trust of pensioners who took him at his word.”

“I know that pensioners on a fixed income have no room to move in their budgets. If Tony Abbott breaks his promise not to change pensions, it will be the most vulnerable who are hit the hardest,” Mr Burke said.

“Why are the people who can least afford it the first to cop it under this Government? These priorities are twisted,” Mr Burke said.

Mr Burke said reports the pension age will be raised to 70 was also very concerning. 

“If you’re involved in physically demanding work like construction, retirement age becomes a physical issue as well.

“After a lifetime of hard work, pensioners deserve certainty in their retirement,” said Mr Burke.

Mr Burke said he would hold Tony Abbott to account if he tries to break his promise to pensioners.