2014 has been a year that Tony Abbott might rather forget – but Australians will always remember.

Member for Watson, Tony Burke said that after 12 months of governing, almost every promise Tony Abbott made prior to the election has been broken.

“This year we have seen broken promise after broken promise from this government,” Mr Burke said.

“We’ve seen example after example of Tony Abbott saying one thing before the election and doing the exact opposite after.”

“The impact is real with figures released last month showing families in our local area will be among the hardest hit as a result of the Abbott Government's unfair budget measures,” said Mr Burke.

“Tony Abbott might claim this has been a year of achievement, but we know it has been a year of dysfunction and deceit.”

At the last election, not one vote was cast for:
- A tax on the sick and vulnerable;
- A tax hike on petrol;
- A cut to pensions;
- Cuts to schools and hospitals; or
- $100,000 degrees.

Labor has launched the Little Book of Lies to detail the biggest betrayals of the Abbott Government.

“Labor is committed to holding this Government to account. People in our area want Tony Abbott to listen to them and throw this unfair Budget overboard.”

The Little Book of Lies can be found on