Member for Watson Tony Burke joined Shadow Assistant Minister for Education Amanda Rishworth and Mayor of the City of Canterbury Brian Robson this morning at Canterbury City Council Family Day Care to discuss with staff the Abbott Government’s cruel cuts to Family Day Care.

Hundreds of Family Day Care Service Providers including Canterbury City Council Family Day Care will be forced to either significantly raise fees or close their doors because of Tony Abbott’s Budget of broken promises.

Member for Watson Tony Burke accepted a petition from parents and community members opposing the Abbott Government’s cuts to Family Day Care Service providers.

“These cuts will see essential Family Day Care services like Canterbury City Council Family Day Care and hundreds more forced to raise their fees or shut down,” Mr Burke said.

“The Prime Minister is demonstrating with these unfair cuts just how out of touch he is with everyday families who are screaming out for quality, affordable childcare options.

“Instead of punishing working mums and dads, Tony Abbott should give them the support they deserve by ripping up these unfair cuts.”

Shadow Assistant Minister for Higher Education Amanda Rishworth said the Abbott Government is cutting $157 million from Family Day Care service funding, leaving more than 94,000 families and 155,000 children out in the cold.

“Tony Abbott promised to improve childcare flexibility before the last election,” Ms Rishworth said.

“Instead, Tony Abbott is consigning Family Day Care into the wilderness by ripping away $157 million, equating to a loss of funding for over 80 per cent of Family Day Care service providers.

“Many have already made the difficult decision to close because of the withdrawal of their funding.

“Labor opposes this cruel and unfair betrayal. Australia’s mums and dads need more support, not less,” Ms Rishworth said.

Mr Robson said families in the City of Canterbury will be severely disadvantaged as a result of funding cuts by the Abbott Government to Family Day Care.

"These cuts will see almost $330,000 of funding a year cut from Council's Family Day Care service and this will lead to an increase in fees for families and the administrative charges paid by educators," Mayor Robson said.