Abbott confirms he’ll rip Schoolkids bonus away from families

Tony Abbott has confirmed his plans to take the Schoolkids Bonus away from families – leaving 11,400 local families worse off.

Member for Watson, Tony Burke said that eligible families would have already received the Federal Government’s new Schoolkids Bonus in January, just in time to help them with back to school costs.

“Eligible families have received $205 for each child in primary school and $410 for each child in high school.

“I know that raising a family can be tough and when it comes to school costs, every little bit counts. I know that this automatic payment will give local families much needed help with education costs” Mr Burke said.

“I am shocked that Mr Abbott and the Coalition would be so out of touch that they would take money off parents like this.”

“Those families will be worse off under Tony Abbott.

“In fact, a typical family with two kids will be $15,000 worse off over the course of their children’s schooling if Mr Abbott gets elected.”

Families will receive another payment in July – bringing the total Schoolkids Bonus to $410 and $820 a year.

Families receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A, as well as young people in school receiving Youth Allowance, and others receiving certain income support or veterans’ payments are eligible for the Schoolkids Bonus.

“It’s clear Tony Abbott and the Liberals don’t support Australian families. Local families can’t trust Tony Abbott,” Mr Burke said.