Abbot axe to hit Arabic speaking communities

Tony Burke, Member for Watson is disgusted that Arabic speaking communities have been targeted by the Abbott Axe in only the first three months of the Abbott Government.


Funding that was announced long before the election for the Sydney Multicultural Arts and Sports Precinct at Belmore Sports Ground is now in limbo.

“All parties were working on the basis that this funding had been locked in a long time ago. It would be a massive betrayal to multicultural communities in Sydney if this important project were to be cut.” Mr Burke said.

This precinct would provide a perfect home for the celebration of Arabic music, art, poetry and performance.

In a further reflection of the Abbott Government’s out of date values that ignore the great strengths of Australia's diverse communities, local organisations are at risk of losing thousands of dollars in funding because of the Abbott Government’s cuts to the Building Multicultural Communities Program.

United Muslim Women’s Association (UMA) were granted $150,000 to build a women’s only recreational hall with amenities have now been told their funding is under review.

“Before the election Tony Abbott never told anyone he was going to do this. This is obviously not the Government they said they would be.” said Mr Burke.

Mr Burke has also called on the Abbott Government to explain reports of Australia changing its UN voting position on the settlements in Palestine.

“The position from Labor in Government was straight forward: the settlements on Palestinian land are illegal. The Abbott Government has changed Australia’s position without consulting anyone and not even telling the public it was happening”.