A Conservationist? The Five Best And Worst Moments From Parliament This Week.


This week began with the problem landing back in Canberra and only getting worse from there. Here is this week’s #5and5.


1. Bill Shorten moves a censure motion against the PM for lying about lying.


After weeks of Tony Abbott lying about the cuts to schools, hospitals and pensions in his own budget, Bill Shorten said the Prime Minister was lying and lying about lying during Thursday’s Question Time and moved a censure motion against the PM.

2. The Prime Minister regards himself as a bit of a winker.




The Press Gallery’s Mid-Winter Ball raises plenty of money for charity. But it also sees the PM and Leader of the Opposition engage in some self deprecating humour. Everyone left the event with the knowledge that even the Prime Minister regards himself as a bit of a winker, while I firmly support the Opposition Leader’s new nickname - AdoraBill.

3. Tony Abbott calls himself a conservationist.



The only two countries which have previously tried to delist natural heritage sites are Oman and Tanzania. Labor MPs made their voices heard in Parliament this week, add your voice in support of keeping the World Heritage listing HERE.

4. Shadow Minister for Vocational Education Sharon Bird challenged the Prime Minister on why he is cutting almost $1 billion from the Tools for Your Trade program.







5. Malcolm Turnbull might not be the only one after Tony Abbott’s job. The Varvaris Faction is growing.




A while ago Liberal MP Nick Varvaris accidentally voted with Labor. On Thursday Liberal MP Ken O’Dowd was in such a deep conversation with Clive Palmer that he too voted with Labor.


1. According to Tony Abbott, not only is black actually white, it’s also whatever colour Tony Abbott tells you it is.



Question after question this week, despite Labor MPs pointing to specific cuts in his own budget papers, even naming the page number, Tony Abbott claimed there were no cuts and that he was not lying.

2. World Heritage Committee says Great Barrier Reef could be officially listed as in danger.





In reaching its decision the World Heritage Committee explicitly referred to Tony Abbott’s attempt to hand over environmental powers to the states as a threat to the reef.

3. This was the parallel universe moment. Tony Abbott claimed to be “a conservationist” on Wednesday.




4. Surely it doesn’t take long to announce more than $7 billion in cuts to foreign aid and a complete backflip on the Liberal’s long standing commitment to an aid budget of 0.5% of GNI.



5. In an interview about Israel and Palestine, the Foreign Minister called on Iraqis and Palestinians to negotiate boundaries. Hmmm, not sure how that would play out.




On a final note, congratulations to the Socceroos for playing so well this week. And to those rugby league fans from Queensland, I’m from NSW. Woohoo!

Song of the weeks this week is dedicated to Tony Abbott. I know, don’t say it, yes it’s the Bee Gees. But the words in the Words’ chorus are perfect for this week.




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